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General terms and conditions

The following General Sales Conditions shall be applicable to all agreements, offers and deliveries entered into or made by MYCVFACTORY. The services provided by myCVfactory are submitted to the following general sales conditions:

1. Object

myCVfactory's Head Office is based and can be contacted at: 12 Rue de l'étoile, 80090 Amiens (France) under this SIREN NUMBER : 811 486 703, available at +33(0)9 70 444 356 These following conditions are the only conditions to be taken under consideration.

2. Orders and electronic confirmation

The order is bought on the website: After identification and selection of the packs, the client chooses the payment mode (credit/debit cards/ Paypal account). The choice and the payment mode are under the clients’ responsibility only.

Any order that is confirmed is an irrevocable clients’ acceptation towards myCVfactory.

By confirming the purchase, the client authorizes myCVfactory to start working on the Made-to-measure CVs if chosen, and abandons any rights of revocation as the execution of the services starts before this period of withdrawal’s expiration, as the article 121-20-2 of the consumption code says so.

The confirmation of any orders is as good as the present General Sales Conditions.

The recorded data by myCVfactory represents a proof of any transactions between myCVfactory and its clients. The payment from the client towards myCVfactory makes the service provision effective. In case of payment failures detected by our anti-fraud system, the client will receive an e-mail from our team.

myCVfactory is allowed to cancel or refuse any orders from a client that had caused trouble in the past with myCVfactory (a former order that did not go well).

3. Price

Our prices are displayed on the website in euros, dollars and pounds. myCVfactory is allowed to modify its prices whenever the society wants to, without any prior notice, but the services will be charged according to the indicated price at the moment of ordering (when the client buys his order).

4. Payment

One kind of a payment is available to order the packs on Credit or Debit cards : Credit Cards, VISA, Mastercard, Union Pay, Paypal account thanks to our secured space. Any provided data will be encrypted, and no one can visualize the clients’ card number or their information given on the website.

5. Delivery

The services proposed by myCVfactory can be realized in French and in English. Mycvfactory works every day from 9AM to 6PM and guarantees a delivery within 7 days for most of the formulas once the order is finalized (payed) and fully completed.

These delivery delays are supposed to be respected by MyCVfactory as long as our consultants have every detail they need, which means that the clients have to provide every piece of information from the beginning on the online questionnaire and all through the given missions.

myCVfactory guarantees to respect the delays, in the normal conditions of utilizations. Any orders will be executed at last 6 days after the payment.

For any further information, the client can contact myCVfactory at this following address: [email protected]

When the client receives his item, he has the possibility to change and edit anything during a 7 days period of time.

6. Clients service

"We guarantee to provide the best clients service ever. If you have some questions, comments or if you need information and precisions about your subscription or how to proceed to start an order, we will be glad to answer as soon as possible.”

We are available at your convenience from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM. [email protected]

7. Responsibility

myCVfactory and any third party involved in the website realization, do not provide any guarantee, and do not assume any responsibility in the website’s utilization. Therefore, they cannot owe any clients or users:

  • for an issue in the information availability, a bug in the provided services, which are independent from myCVfactory’s will
  • for any mistakes, error messages, interrupted procedure or any virus on the website
  • for any sudden event on the website
  • for any incompatibility between devices or a particular configuration that is not compatible with
  • for any fake information released on the website itself or on the internet -for a fraud that has happened despite the anti-fraud system settled by Paypal
  • for any links created, about contents, ads, products or services that redirect the client towards another website

8. Right to access your profile and to edit it

We will protect your personal data and your privacy according to the French and European legislation about personal data protection.

The information that we will possess is only used to satisfy your requests and your orders (subscription, service realization, “My Account”). Any given information will be used for this particular issue, and only that one. myCVfactory guarantees not to broadcast this piece of information to anyone.

According to the IT and freedom Legislation from the 6th January 1978 and the 6th August 2004, the website has declared automatic personal data to the IT and Freedom National Commission (CNIL) under the numbers 16 48 50 4v0 and 16 48 49 8v0.

You have the right to access, to edit, to correct and to delete your information. In order to apply this right, you can write to us:

[email protected]

MYCVFACTORY - 12 Rue de l'étoile, 80090 Amiens - France

On the website, in « My Account », « My CV » and « My settings », you can change anything you want to.

9. Ownership right

This website’s content is protected thanks to the Intellectual Ownership Code as well as the whole legislation concerning the content protection. Except someone mentions the contrary, any elements provided on the website (texts, names, photography, images, logos, drawings, products, data base, IT software), anyone must know that myCVfactory owns those elements and possess exclusively the right to use them. Those elements are declared (INPI) and are protected by myCVfactory.

The copy of any of these elements is allowed to specific people in order to inform the clients or for a personal and private purpose. Any copy, total or partial, any adaptation, publication on any kind of format, or any exploitation of this content is strictly forbidden and needs a prior and written authorization from MyCVfactory according to the article L. 713-2 from the Intellectual Ownership Code. If there is a breach of this law, myCVfactory will press charges against the violators. MyCVfactory is allowed to ask for financial compensation in case of fake and copy and more generally, for an infringement against myCVfactory’s intellectual ownership rights.

10. Reimbursement

We don't proceed to any reimbursements because we make sure you're plenty satisfied with our services.

11. Skills & applicable law

The general sales conditions are led by the French legislation. The language of this contract is written in English. For any concerns about the interpretation of this present contract, we will go to Court as this is the only institution that can provide a valuable diagnosis.

Yes, it is written real small, but we are trying to be professional in order not to use these sales conditions ever.