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Linkedin Profile Optimization

Do you want to get a job or internship in record time? Your Linkedin profile must be impeccable. Trust us in creating optimized content so you can be easily discovered by recruiters.

  • 95% of recruitments take place on LinkedIn

    It is imperative to have a presence on LinkedIn, so that recruiters or companies can easily discover your profile. Whether you are looking for a job or developing a business, the strategy in which to present your Linkedin profile depends on your objectives.

  • Content strategy

    We use your current content and optimize it according to your goals and ambitions. For each industry we use appropriate and effective keywords. We first research which keywords to use, specific to your profile, depending on your sector, soft skills, expertise, and professional assets – every detail counts!

  • Writing your summary

    This is the most important step for a LinkedIn profile. It is essentially a pitch on your expertise and on what you can bring to a company. We write the summary for you and upload it to your profile.

  • Visibility strategy

    We make your profile engaging and full of content, adding media, videos, links, blog posts, and contributing to groups, forums, debates, and discussions.

There are more than 380 million users on LinkedIn – that’s 380 million chances to meet a potential recruiter or a manager for your future career.

And there’s so much more! LinkedIn is also a way to conduct business, discuss current events and issues, and to be part of a group or a professional community. You can find people who are experts in their field, posting videos or engaging content or who may contact you to do business. LinkedIn is the largest free network in the world, so take advantage of it. With every new encounter, add your new contacts on LinkedIn, keep in touch, and maintain your network. It is also a great way to reconnect with former colleagues or classmates who may be able to help you in your search for contacts.

Know how to use this inexhaustible network. Write to your contacts, ask them to be introduced to their network, and grow your own network until you appear on profiles of potential contacts.

A good LinkedIn profile, optimized with the right keywords and verbs, can make you visible to headhunters, managers or recruiters. Do not neglect this incredible opportunity to be contacted by anyone, anywhere, to do business.

Also, remember that a profile without a photo is 10 times less appealing. Feel free to take professional photos for this purpose, or contact us to inquire about our Photo Offer.

Linkedin optimization