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More than 400 resume templates available on


Choose a resume template tailored to your needs and personality to make your applications stand out! Download the resume design that fits your job objectives, ambitions ! 

Fully customizable resume templates to download

You can download resume templates to fill out and adapt to your profile, personality, and ambitions. Download the resume template that's right for you, then personalize it by integrating your education and training, work experience, skills, etc. Above you will find a wide variety of resume examples to download with a color of your choice and completely original designs. Our first goal is to help you get an interview. After that, it's up to you to perform during the interview and give it your all.  

Our downloadable resume templates are classified by sector: a resume for a job in sales will not necessarily have the same colors or the same resume format as a resume in logistics or finance. Certain colors on the resumes depict meaning and are used to stand out. The design of a resume must always support the content – 50% of an application is about the graphics, and 50% is about the content.  All our resume examples are created to match a specific sector or profession. Typically, a resume in finance will have a more classic design, more reserved and discreet than marketing or event production. Use these guidelines to match what is expected of you.

Then we give you the choice of different resume formats: resume for Word, Powerpoint, Openoffice, Google slide, Google doc or even Sway. Different formats allow everyone to have a designed resume available in whichever format works for you.

Finally, before sending your resume to the recruiters, make sure you read over everything once more, and finally send it as a PDF. Know that a PDF is the format that we recommend using since it locked and unmodifiable by anyone but you. It is also a smaller file than a Word document and is compatible with all computers!

Done and done! Good luck to everyone.

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