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Write your resume with help from the pros, in order to secure job interviews

A well-written resume with appropriate use of keywords combined with good, eye-catching aesthetics has a 90% chance of being interviewed.

  • Solid content

    50% of your job application is based on the content of your resume: the right keywords, good use of action verbs, and well-written phrases that best describe your expertise. We first highlight your qualities with words, the initial step towards success.

  • A well-designed resume that stands out

    If choosing between two resumes with equal skills, the resume that makes the aesthetic effort will be the one that is chosen. The candidate appears more professional, more qualified, more marketable, and for first impressions, that’s what makes a difference!

  • Delivery within just 3 days

    We deliver the resume in 3 working days. Your profile is entrusted to an expert in your field, as well as our project manager, who will be your point of contact.

  • Modifications: yes, yes, yes!

    Because a resume is not created in just one go, we deliver a first version and then together alter the resume until you are fully satisfied.

Writing your resume can sometimes be daunting when you have a 20-year career behind you and are asked to summarize in just one or two pages.

We focus primarily on two points. First, we start with quality content, created by stakeholders and experts from all fields who know their jobs. We assign an expert to our clients to ensure the highest quality content. The consultant knows the job and issues, and can write consistent content that relates to your field while simultaneously creating impact.

We are supporters of content that show numbers, achievements, and successes in order to highlight concrete results and missions completed. This is also what a recruiter looks for: evidence that your profile fits his needs!

Second, we implement design to support the content: thanks to our modern resume layout and design, your profile is attractive, easy to read and allows for simple, intuitive page navigation. Our resume aesthetics are intended to help the reader quickly understand the strengths of the candidate. Frames and colors help decipher your resume, with colors relating specifically to each industry: blue for sales, red for engineering, etc. We give you the tools to integrate an appropriate frame and color and make it easy to apply it to your profile.

Once these two principles are applied, your application becomes even more effective. Key information is obvious and apparent, and sets you up for success. The rest is up to you!