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Proofread and correct your cover letter to achieve maximum effect and interest

Read your cover letter out loud: would you hire yourself?

  • Solid content

    We review content of the cover letter in detail and help you find figures, achievements, and success stories to insert.

  • Suitable keywords

    Because each sector is different and each company has its own specificities, we give you a list of keywords adapted to your profession. These keywords will help you orient your skills.

  • Ability to summarize

    That is a must have quality! The cover letter should be concise, give an overview of your skills in 20 seconds, and engage the reader. We help you to achieve this.

  • Spelling mistakes

    Beware of mistakes: we correct everything, even wording and syntax.

A well-written and concise cover letter indicates a rigorous, articulate and determined candidate.

Who wants to work with a disorganized person who writes emails or texts with mistakes?

No one. Obviously, the way you express yourself is essential, because you will need to communicate with customers, partners, colleagues, and executives, and it is absolutely out of the question to present sales pitches, emails or even budgets with mistakes.

This is the purpose of a cover letter: the recruiter looks at your language level and carefully assesses whether you will be able to interact with important stakeholders within your position.

If this is not your strength, have the cover letter re-read twice, to ensure it’s perfect.

This is not to underestimate the concise, concrete and precise nature of cover letters. It is a subtle but important addition to what is mentioned on a resume, written with a different point of view as to not be repetitive.

90% of candidates who ask us to proofread believe that everything is fine on their cover letter, and we always find a mistake to correct or reformulation to do.