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Have your cover letter written by our experts in order to secure an interview.

Sometimes, if choosing between two similar candidates, the cover letter may be used to decide between them. Put the odds in your favor and be the successful candidate!

  • Be concise!

    A good letter is a concise letter: straight to the point, showing your skills at one quick glance.

  • A cover letter centered around your potential

    What can you bring to a company? We focus the cover letter around your potential and what you will add to the business. We start from your existing assets and then prove to the recruiter that you will add value.

  • Using the right keywords

    We use correct vocabulary and keywords for each profession and each sector. We write keyword-oriented cover letters, which makes it easier to show up on ATS.

  • Tone

    We use a tone adapted to the companies you are applying for. Whether it’s a startup, SMEs, finance or pharmaceutical companies, we know the right language to use.

To remember: a good cover letter can be the deciding factor between two similar candidates.

What is a good cover letter? It is a letter that makes a recruiter want to dive deeper and is simple and easy to read. It also includes unique information not repeated in the CV – it uses keywords and speaks about projects and missions that do not necessarily appear on the CV.

This accentuates concrete facts and acquired skills, allowing the recruiter to better understand and connect with you. Above all, the objective of a good cover letter is to get a sense of you as a professional, to show your assets, and to generate intrigue.

The letter must be well written and show that you can express yourself eloquently. It is above all a literary exercise, showing your level of language and mastery of syntax.

Get right to the point and opt for an effective cover letter, outlined by your assets, value, and your interest in the company and company culture. 

We also have cover letter examples, which will make your cover letter aesthetically stand out from others.