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Have your cover letter translated for country-specific content

With a cover letter that meets local standards, you have a 90% chance of getting an interview. What are you waiting for?

  • Professional translation by native speakers

    Our international team is composed of ten people, translating cover letters and resumes, from all sectors and all industries.

    Available languages: European languages, Chinese, and Brazilian.

  • Letter localization for 100% success

    A cover letter in an American style will focus on the achievements, results, and will be much shorter than a letter in a French style.

  • Style

    We customize your content and style to the targeted country: summarize or make longer (in Germany) or target a particular mission (a "Pain Letter" in the US). The idea is to adapt to the standards of the local market.

  • Generate interviews

    This is the purpose of a cover letter translation / localization. By using localization strategy and good use of keywords, you actually can generate job interviews.

Reply to a job offer by customizing your application to the local country.

You really have to put things in context: companies receive hundreds of thousands of applications, and you have to stand out. Find an internship abroad, a VIE, or even a first job internationally is a project that must be matured, worked and your pitch and tools must be very clear.

Why choose this country? What kind of life will you lead? For what job or mission? Candidates often get excited and forget about the job position or mission, already imagining themselves on the top of New York City's rooftop bars. Beware not to get too caught up in the fantasy, as things may not go as planned.

Verify the job position and work hard on your resume and cover letter. They must be concise, qualitative, and easy to read and find key information, all in accordance with the country in question.

Once you understand that adaptation is the key to everything, you will receive all your dream job offers!