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Choose from hundreds of fonts, from the most classic font to the most original!

Download the fonts that match your personality, ambition and aspirations! Mycvfactory allows you to download unlimited fonts to illustrate your resume. Also visit the icon page to accessorize your resume!

Choose my icons

Mycvfactory offers dozens of writing fonts to personalize your resume and stand out from other candidates. Choose your fonts now!

Opting for a unique font allows your resume to subtly stand out and gives you a better chance at scoring an interview. It is the smallest details that can make your resume completely original, such as the size of the font and the general layout of the page, which makes a huge visual difference to the recruiter. We avoid fonts like Comic Sans MS, which have a retro aesthetic, and we also avoid fonts like Times New Roman, which we’ve seen too many times. You will have a choice between hundreds of fonts, from original, prestigious or classic fonts – whichever suits you.

What is the right font for my resume? We prefer to use simple and original fonts for headings and titles such as Roboto, Bebas Neue, and then choose something more classic and discreet for the overall content of the resume such as Raleway, Calibri or Proxima Nova Alt.

The idea is to have a professional presentation, clean and rigorous, and the font helps convey a positive visual of the resume.

What font size should you have on your resume? Be careful not to write too small: opt for a size between 10 and 12. The bigger the font, the more amateur it appears, as it gives the impression that you are trying to fill space on the page. On the other hand, if you write too small, not only will it be difficult to read, but also it gives the illusion that you don’t know how to synthesize and summarize.

Don’t take any chances: choose the right balance for maximum consistency and overall harmonization.

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