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Have your resume translated by our international team

Give an international element to your profile thanks to our professional translations in many languages. Opt for a resume in English, written by our English team, to ensure your place in an interview!

  • Translation in all countries

    Because UK English differs from US English, our translators are from the countries you are targeting which allows high quality translations.

    Available languages: European languages, Chinese, Brazilian

  • A true location of resumes

    More than a translation, we localize resumes to local standards: an English resume is not the same as an American resume, Spanish resume or Chinese resume. We adapt your profile to the country in which you are applying for.

  • A team of native translators

    We work with an international team dedicated to localized translations. From translation to localization, we adapt the application as much as possible.

  • Keywords by sector and by country

    Each profile has keywords that are tailored to the market and to the targeted business. We know the keywords in your industry, in order to show up on companies’ career systems and ATS.

Adapting your application to the local country gives you a 90% chance of being selected. Just like the packaging that comes out on a foreign market, it’s adapted to local culture.

Be aware that the adaptation of your resume must be made depending on the country you are targeting. For example, punctuation, diploma names, headings, titles, style and content of an English resume will differ from resume standards of your country.

A resume with encoded content filled with action verbs.

English and Americans have a tendency to be very direct and to use action verbs showing their duties in the projects carried out. Realized, prepared, created, and conceived: use action verbs to keep the structure straightforward and simple.

For other countries, we play on colors. In China, red is the color of success, happiness, and fortune. In Germany, we use simpler and more reserved resumes, sometimes in 2 pages.

We will guide you in the content and the graphics of the resume to maximize your chances of receiving a job proposal in the country of your dreams!