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Choose your favorite icons to create a striking, visual and impactful resume!

Mycvfactory gives you access to all kind of icons to create the perfect resume! Using different icons allows you to stand from the crowd. After downloading your icons, go to the fonts page!

Choose my fonts

Discover and download our icons – from professional to eccentric – for a guaranteed WOW effect

Today's trend is to create a unique and different resume, but you don’t have to create a completely eccentric resume to get that result. It is the simple details that make a difference. Using an unusual font or an icon that embellishes the resume are those details that will differentiate you between other candidates.
Discover our library of downloadable icons to get creative ideas for your resume.

Why insert icons on a resume? A recruiter spends 20 to 30 seconds looking at your resume, so it’s necessary to draw attention with visuals to get the recruiter to keep reading. It is initially about grabbing the recruiter’s attention and keeping it. Additionally, icons save space. This doesn’t mean that an icon replaces text, because your resume is still preselected by ATS (= link to the article about it), so we recommend mixing illustration with a bit of text for contextualization.

What are icons used to illustrate exactly? They are implemented to illustrate specific skills or areas of expertise, like software for example: Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, SAP tool, social networks, etc. It gives a playful and creative side to your resume. We can also use them to show your interests (while writing a small text to accompany it). Again, this gives your resume a graphic touch and helps to differentiate the application from your competition.

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