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CV by personality

Creating a personalized CV can be instrumental in influencing a hiring manager’s decision. Recruiters will have to review hundreds or even thousands of resumes in their time, they can easily read general credentials that don’t much the specific requirements of their company. If you opt to send out general resume samples, you end up blending into the crowd and increase your chances of getting ignored.

With a personalized resume, you are showing those hiring managers one of the most important things they’re looking for – the details. You want your resume to impress your potential employer with specifics, rather than just general knowledge or skills. It shouldn’t merely emphasize your strengths, by why these strengths matter. Personalizing your will land you leagues above the others, simply for one reason, most candidates don’t do it!

Make your content relevant by including keywords mentioned in the company’s job posting. Position these words in your resume summary/ objective, and include relevant work experiences only. Using keywords are an excellent resume builder for that CV which will land you that dream job!