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CV by Job type: Telecom CV

Employers in the Telecom sector are always hiring, but they’re looking for more than just warm bodies. They’re looking for candidates that can find specific solutions to issues and problems within the company. To get hired, you need to be seen as a solution and to do that that you need a resume sample that is perfect.

The first step in any campaign is to know your product – and that product is YOU! What type of technical skills do you have? What do you consider yourself an expert at? Remember, “hard worker” sounds good, but ultimately, it’s not a skill. Include positive work qualities that you possess, think of how your previous boss would describe you and take that into account. In one or two paragraphs, describe a few successful accomplishments in your career (projects, promotions, examples of success, etc.) that you are really proud of, but make sure all of these points are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

In the modern age of the Internet, do put a little extra effort in researching the industry, company, and job opportunity. The more you know about the position you’re applying for, the more you’ll stand out. The research will also help you find out if a company’s culture is right for you before you take the job.

Most likely, Telecom employers are registered with a state commission. Get the list from your area to see all potential telecom employers near you. Be careful about going to work for a company that might be a buy-out candidate. Telecom is a merger and acquisition haven so be smart and doesn't get caught up the potential for duplicate roles.  Also, don’t forget to look for companies that aren’t necessarily telecom-focused. For example hospitals, banks, and insurance companies. These organizations have large networks that need that expertise of a telecom expert such as yourself.