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CV by Job type: Marketing & PR CV

Marketing jobs are just great. After all, where else can you find a career that allows you to psychoanalyze people for a living? But competition for these jobs is intense, so you should always keep in mind the following points when you begin to start with your resume writing.

A cover letter is always key, especially if you’re a fresh graduate and the resume may be thin. You can easily outclass the other applicants by showing some real interest in the company. Cover letters will do that. Just make sure to do your research, even demonstrating minimal knowledge about the organization can go a long way towards getting an interview.

LinkedIn accounts are also good, it allows you to find a starting point to get into the company. With the site, you can find former employees or even managers that can help you put your foot in the organization. Especially at smaller establishments, having someone “put in a good word for you” can quickly make its way to the hiring manager’s ears.

But cover letters and connections will only take you so far, without having the skills to back them up. Marketing jobs are almost always writing-intensive. If you got the chops, prove it. Bang out a couple of white papers or blog posts about topics you know and care about.

Finally, provide value. Once you get to the interview phase, don’t let them forget you. Whatever it is, stay on their radar by providing value. If you see an interesting article as the decision-making process is unfolding, send it along with a note reminding them how much you enjoyed the conversation and that after talking with them, you’re even more interested in joining the team.