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CV by Job type: Customer service CV

What are hiring managers looking for in customer service resumes? They are both looking for directly relevant and transferable skills sets and experiences.

Whether you were a waiter, a front desk worker, an ice cream scooper or a salesperson, that in itself is experiences with customer care. Any job that involves you interacting with customers is considered relevant work experience in customer service resumes. Your personality also plays a key role in writing your resume. Think about how you’ve displayed traits such as a positive personality, skilled communicator or how you were able to speak authoritatively, calmly, and persuasively. If you have no previous work experiences, you’ll need to write a persuasive cover letter.

But along with your personal traits and past work experiences, you must also show the hiring manager that you are competent for the job at hand. Look back at times where you were rewarded based on your performance or when you started to train new recruits. Management skills are essential, even low-level employees are expected to have some degree of managerial skills. These facts reflect well on your resume.

A good customer service employee should find ways to increase efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce costs.

Take time to research the skills you need for the job, and reflect on how relevant or transferable skills can be best displayed on your resume for maximum impact.