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Letters by Sector: Other

Your resume sure is an important document when it comes to your job hunt, but did you know your cover letter holds the same weight? When a potential employer wants to see more than just bullet points, the first place they’re bound to look at is your cover letter, and you don’t want to disappoint.

Pay attention to detail. Most recruiters will hid special “easter eggs” in job postings to determine which candidate is actually paying attention, rather than just sending generic letters everywhere. It helps the hiring manager see how is actually paying attention and helps them gauge how much you really want the job.

When it comes to writing your cover letter, write a dialogue and not a monologue. Write a letter that engages the audience into conversation. Include stories and testimonials from past work that showcases your skills and experiences well. If you aren’t engaging your reader, you’re already far behind in the process. At smaller companies, cover letters aren’t just a formality, they help decide your fate in the company. Give your cover letter a extra boost by doing your homework about the company. Instead of just telling the recruiter about you, show them your excitement for the position. This will tell them that you’ve done your homework and are enthusiastic to become part of their organization. Don’t just show them your qualifications, show them how these qualifications can help their company.