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CV by experience: CV by skills

The problem in effective resume writing is writing down your skills – especially the technical ones. A common complaint among candidate is that recruiters don’t have enough specialized knowledge to really know the role or industry they’re in and they end up getting passed upon.

But this is understandable, like journalists, recruiters focus on building a knowledge base that just touches the surface. In other words, they know just enough about a lot of different industries and functions.

For professionals in all levels of the career track, it’s better to stick to common language rather than using jargon and acronyms recruiters might not understand. Don’t assume just assume the recruiter will know what your particular skills are about. 

To overcome this, list down your skills in a functional group, such as programming languages, or product development methodologies. This way, you can communicate your qualifications with forcing the recruiter to do extra research, which may be the deciding factor of you getting hired or not.